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Inventory of other corpora

Name of Corpora Who collected it Type of Lessons Type of data Where it is available Outputs
Salford Corpus Bazergui Hawkins Towell 12 English L1 University Undergraduates Longitudinal Study collected over four years. Recorded data of each individual's productions during a variety of tasks. Available on FLLOC website. Hawkins, Towell and Bazergui 1993 Towell, Hawkins and Bazergui 1996 Hawkins 1998
Reading Corpus Richards Reading University 34 adolescents at Welsh secondary school. Also data from 26 native speaker adolescents doing same task for comparison. Recorded data of part of GCSE oral exam 'free conversation.' Second language data. Available on CHILDES Talkbank. Whole corpus available on FLLOC website. Chambers and Richards 1995, Malvern and Richards 2002
The Interfra Corpus Bartning Stockholm University Sweden Different groups of secondary school & university level Swedish learners of French:Group 1: University level:13, Group 2: Secondary school aged 16-17l:22, Group 3: University level: 32, Group 4: Teacher candidates: 6, Group 5: Doctoral students: 6, Group 6: Native speakers: 20. Oral one to one interviews. Different oral production tasks. Research team plan to have a subset of data available on the web soon. Files coded and analysed with PC Beta (Brodda 1996.) Large number of publications, including: Bartning 1997a) and b) Bartning 1998,1999, 2000 and 2002 Bartning, Kihlstedt & Kirchmeyer 1997
Lancom Corpus KU Leuven University Belgium Adolescent Dutch learners of L2 French and French L1 speakers in Belgium and France Oral productions Transcribed in standard french orthography. 18 hours of data available to research community. 14 hours of this is French L2 data available from the 'elicop' website. Numerous publications, among them:Debrock and Flament Boistrancourt 1996, Debrock Flament Boistrancourt and Gevaert 1999, Debrock Flament Boistrancourt and Cornette 1999, Flament Boistrancourt 2001,
The Progression Project R Mitchell, P Dickson University of Southampton Adolescent learners in English secondary school aged 11-14 Longitudinal study of 60 learners in Secondary school years 7-9. Oral production tasks 200 hours of digital soundfiles. 650 transcripts available on FLLOC website. Mitchell and Dickson 1997; Myles, Hooper and Mitchell 1998; Myles, Mitchell and Hooper 1999; Myles 2003
The Linguistic Development Project F Myles University of Southampton Adolescent learners in English secondary school Cross-sectional study of 20 learners in years 9,10 and 11. 4 oral production tasks. 50 hours of soundfiles and 240 transcripts available on FLLOC website. Myles 2002
Labeau-Temps Modernes E Labeau Aston University 61 English speaking University Level students Oral retelling of extracts from Modern Times. Audiotapes and transcripts in Word format and tagged files. Transcribing conventions as in Kilhstedt 1998. not yet available. Not Known
Labeau-Contes de Fées E Labeau Aston University 90 English speaking University Level students Oral retelling of Cinderella Written narratives of Cinderella. Soundfiles and transcripts in Word format. Transcribing conventions as in Kihlstedt 1998. Not Known
Brussels Corpus A Housen Vrije Universiteit Brussels 150 Dutch adolescents Two groups: ages 13-14 and ages 16-17. Interview with participants and Mercer Mayer Frog Narrative. Available on FLLOC website. Not Known
Bristol Corpus Jeanine Treffers-Daller University of West of England Adult learners Year 1:post A level 14 students; Year 1:post GCSE 2 students; Year 2:post A level 18 students; Year 3:13 ILP1+:10 Data from comic strip (EO Plauen (1982) Vater und Sohn, Ravensburger Taschenbuch), Soundfiles and transcripts. Transcripts in CHAT format. Contact: Not Known
Guillot Corpus Marie-Noälle Guillot University of East Anglia University level students and French native speakers for comparison Recordings of panel discussion task. Contact: Not Known