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Salford Corpus

Headers used (for searching purposes)

Each file has a number of descriptive “headers”: these are labels for the computer to recognise the files and can be used for searching purposes.

Headers used for Salford Corpus

@Languages: fr
The language of the corpus is French

@Participants: PO1 Subject, NIB Investigator
P01 is the code for the task followed by the number allocated to the student.
NIB is the code for the researcher/investigator

There are two identification headers for each file:

@ID: fr|fllocsalford|P01||female||||Subject|university year 1|
Language; Corpus; Subject Code; Gender; Role; Year of University Study

@ID: fr|fllocsalford|NIB|||||Investigator|
Language; Corpus; Investigator Code; Role

The task carried out to elicit the data

These are the Temporal Variables

For the transcripts for Balablok/Pink Panther done ‘alone in a booth’: Code Bx or Px (see tasks), there is an additional header to include the Temporal Variable information.

@Temporal Variables:

TOTAL TIME: 288_56 PTR: 75_59 per cent
TOTAL SPEAKING TIME: 218_12 SR: 189_63 syll/min
TOTAL PAUSE TIME: 70_44 AR: 4_18 syll/sec
SYLLABLES: 912 MLR: 8_29 syll
CHUNKS: 110 ALP: 0_65