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UEA Corpus

Headers used for searching purposes

Each file has a number of descriptive "headers": these are labels for the computer to recognise the files and can be used for searching purposes.

Headers used for the UEA Corpus

@Languages: fr [or en]

The language of the corpus is French [or English)

@Participants: SXX Subject, SYY ShowHost SXX

Subject is the code for individual subjects (S for subject, XX for subject's initials [e.g. STB for Gr1]); SYY ShowHost is the code for the discussion host in each discussion (S for subject, YY for subject's initials). (See subjects' list in the "Learners" section's Table).

There are two identification headers for each file, e.g.:

@ID: fr|guillot|STB|||4FF|Subject|3FH Final year student post-year abroad|
Language; Corpus; Subject Code; Subject Status; Role; Year of University Study

@ID: fr|guillot|SCJ|||||ShowHost||
Language; Corpus; Subject code; Role [i.e. discussion host]

and a coder header

@Coder: Marie-Noƫlle Guillot converter MMT
Original coder's name and Childes converter initials