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Reading Corpus

Transcription conventions

Reading Corpus 1 French L2

Pronunciation errors

Only those errors serious enough to cause a breakdown in communication, or which were followed by a teacher correction, were coded. These were transcribed in UNIBET on the %err tier.

Use of English

Where the whole utterance is in English, a separate speaker tier is used (*STE). English words inserted in French are marked with the @s suffix (father@s). Students who also learn German sometimes use German words; these are marked with @g suffix.

Acknowledgement tokens

Acknowledgement tokens have been counted as back channels and are marked [+bch]. These can be excluded from MLU and MLT counts using the –s”[+bch]” switch.


Pauses are marked with the CHAT pause marker # followed by a number which indicates length of pause e.g. #2

Filled Pauses

Filled Pauses used are ‘aah’, ‘euh’, ‘mm’, and ‘um’.

Reading corpus II Native Speakers

CHAT conventions were used.