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The title of the research project from which the data was collected was ‘The development of linguistic knowledge and language processing capacity in second language learning.’ The longitudinal study was of 12 undergraduates studying French at a British university, from their first year to the fourth year. The participants were recorded carrying out a variety of production tasks in French. There are also some examples of the participants carrying out the same tasks in English for comparison.

The material for this ESRC funded project (ESRC no. R 000 231 358) was collected over the period of a four year degree course, including 6 months residence in France, undertaken by a group of 12 students from the University of Salford. The principal investigators were R D Hawkins and R J Towell. Data was collected by N P Bazergui. The study used a repeated-tasks design. The main objectives of the project were:

1. to provide a dataset of transcribed performance data from a group of 12 undergraduate learners of French on a variety of oral tasks.
2. to analyse their linguistic progression over a four year period.