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Linguistic Development Corpus

Transcription conventions

The data is transcribed following the CHILDES conventions, with the additional conventions used for all the corpora in this database.

Additionally, the following project-specific conventions were used in order to code ‘intended tense’, in the context of the Photos task:

In the ‘Photos’ task, each photoset was designed to elicit a dialogue in the present, past or future (by referring to holidays just gone – Christmas, forthcoming – summer, and to hobbies – present). We have therefore coded the data for intended tense use. For example, in the following sentence, we wanted to be able to know that the infinitive form ‘aller’ was produced in a context where a future form would be expected:

*P84: l’été prochain je aller Marjorca.

would be transcribed as follows:

*P84: l’été prochain je aller@f Marjorca.

where the following tags have been added to the sf.cut file in MOR :

@p {[scat inf:pres]} for contexts where a present form would be expected

@f {[scat inf:future]} for contexts where a future form would be expected

@c {[scat inf:past]} for contexts where a past form would be expected

this enables the morphosyntactic tagger to analyse these forms as v:inf:future|aller, and therefore to retrieve them easily for analysis.