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Reading Corpus

Headers used (for searching purposes)

Reading Corpus 1 French L2

@Language: fr A header indicating the language of the corpus, in this case French.

@ID headers. An ID header for both the subject and the investigator.
@ID: fr|fllocreading|STU||male|||Student|
language; corpus; participant code; gender; role

@ID: fr|fllocreading|TEA||female|||Teacher|
language; corpus; participant; gender; role

@Education of STU: GCSE grade and oral mark for the student participant.

@Date: Date recording took place.

@Coder: Francine Chambers, Brian Richards: the reseachers who transcribed the data.

Reading corpus II Native Speakers

@Language: fr

@ID: fr|fllocreading|CHI||Male|||Child

@ID: fr|fllocreading|TEA||female|||Teacher

NB: the information for sex of CHI and sex of TEA is not always provided